How do I pay for creating resources?

For Metered Billing, we have 2 payment options:

  • Prepaid, using Awanio Credit. Credits are applied per organization, not user. You can top up the credit for organizations by using available payment methods or by redeeming voucher codes.
  • Postpaid, using Credit Card (CC). Input the CC number the the Billing page, and your invoice will be billed to the CC.

How do I know my available amount of credit?

You can see your available/remaining credits to create resources on the Billing page (accessed from Billing menu) or in the Organization Detail page (click on the selected Organization in the sidebar).

What will happen if my account credit runs out?

If you have resources that are billed hourly while your credit runs out, your organization will be immediately suspended and your instances will be stopped. You cannot create any more resource until you have enough credits to run them. We recommend that you prepare enough credit at least for use for the next 1 month.

When will the invoice for my resources be issued?

Bills (invoices) for bare metal will be issued immediately since it was paid in advance, otherwise it will appear on the 1st of the following month.

How does the protection of payment card information?

If you use a credit or debit card as your payment method, we process your payments through a third party payment processor, which stores and maintains your complete payment information on our behalf. We do not store your complete payment card number ourselves.