Awanio Installation on Ubuntu or Debian

To install Awanio on Ubuntu or Debian Linux OS, you need to install awctl command line. Here’s the quick step to install awctl.

tar -xvf awctl-linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo chmod +x ./awctl
sudo mv ./awctl /usr/local/bin/
sudo awctl --version

To get more detail on how to operate awctl please visit awctl CLI dedicated page.

There are two options for installation, via web interface and via command line.

CLI Installation

Cluster Configuration File Generator

To perform the installation via CLI, you need to prepare a cluster configuration file. This file contains the information needed to create a new cluster. To create the template, run the following command:

sudo awctl generate-conf-file

A new file will be created. To get more detail about how to use this file, please check Cluster Configuration File Scheme page.

After all the configuration files are ready, run the following command to start the installation process:

sudo awctl init -f cluster-config.yaml

Once the process is completed, the output would be:

|                Awanio cluster access               |
| Dashboard             | |
| Platform              | |
| API                   |     |

Web Interface Installation

To perform the installation via web interface, run this command:

sudo awctl webui --port 8081

then open the installation web page at http://IP-NODE:8081. Adjust the IP-NODE information with the server IP that will be used for installation.