VM instances and bare metal servers can have internal IP addresses and external IP addresses. Instances use these addresses to communicate with other resources and external systems.

Each VM instance network interface must have one primary internal IPv4 address. Each network interface can also have one external IPv4 address. If the VM is connected to a subnet that supports IPv6, each network interface can also have external IPv6 addresses assigned.

For bare metal servers, each server will have 1 free public

Public IP Addresses

Public IP addresses can be static or ephemeral. If a VM requires a fixed public IP address that does not change, you can reserve a new public IP address. The ephemeral IP address is released if you delete the resource, while the reserved IP address stays in your organization and can be reused until you release it.

IP Address pool

To communicate with the internet, you can use an external IPv4 or external IPv6 address configured on the instance. Administrators have to prepare the external/public IP address to be used in the VM instances or bare metal servers.

Reserve an IP Address

You can reserve external/public IP addresses for your virtual machine (VM) instances. You can also attach and detach reserved IP addresses to your VMs.

Reserving a static IP address assigns the address to your organization until you explicitly release it. This is useful if you are dependent on a specific IP address for your service and need to prevent another resource from being able to use the address. Static addresses are useful if you need to move an IP address from one resource to another.


An instance can communicate with instances on the same Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, using the VM’s internal IPv4 address. Administrators can manage VPC networks (Subnets), such as creating a VPC subnet for an organization and deleting the subnet. Subnet data management can be done on the Platform and Dashboard.

Pricing Plans

VM and bare metal can have 1 free public IP address (ephemeral). Network pricing is applied for reserved IP address and additional IP address for bare metal. You will be charged for a full month’s usage once you create. If you delete it in less than 1 month, you will not get a refund. If your network supports dual stack, we will provide two different prices for each IP type (v4 and v6). Otherwise, the price is for IPv4 only.