This page provides an overview of Kubernetes features provided by Awanio.

Quickly create Kubernetes Clusters in seconds

Awanio Kubernetes Services is a Kubernetes cluster where nodes are fully managed with minimal configuration required. Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) automates the process of provisioning a Kubernetes cluster in just a few seconds.

As simple as select Kubernetes version, plan and define the name, you can have a cluster ready to be used.


Upgrade existing cluster version

This allows users to upgrade the available version of existing kubernetes clusters.

If you create a cluster with a lower version of k3s or k8s, it can be upgraded in the cluster details page. It is only allowed to upgrade version from the same distro.

Resizing cluster capacity

The capacity of the created cluster can be changed. Adjust the capacity according to your new needs, but of course the value will be limited according to the remaining quota.

Processor and memory can be upgraded or downgraded, while persistent volume and ephemeral volume can only be upgraded.