Manage Compute Pricing Plans

This document describes how to manage compute pricing plans (for Virtual Machines) in Awanio Dashboard.

Pricing Plans Page

Go to the Compute menu, then Pricing Plans submenu to manage pricing plans for VM.

You can perform these actions on the Compute - Pricing Plans page:

  • View all of the pricing plans for compute
  • Search pricing plan by name
  • Create a new pricing plan
  • View & Update pricing plan
  • Delete pricing plan

Create a pricing plan

To create a pricing plan, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create button on the top right of the Compute - Pricing Plans page
  2. On the create pricing page, you can set plan name, category (standard, medium, high, or custom), specification and price.
  3. Click on Create button in the dialog.

Fixed Pricing (standard, medium or high)

Set the VM specs (vCPU processor, RAM in MB, storage in GB) as well as the price. Since storage is still charged when the VM is stopped, hourly pricing is separated into 3 components. The total price per hour will be calculated automatically from the vCPU, RAM and storage price input. Finally, enter the estimated price per month. The total package price per hour and per month will be displayed when the user creates the VM.

Custom Pricing

Set the price per specification. For example:

  • Price per vCPU for processor = IDR 1.
  • Price per MB for RAM = IDR 0,1.
  • Price per GB for storage = IDR 0,5.

The price for custom specifications will be:

  • 4 vCPU = 1 x 4 = IDR 4
  • 8 GB RAM = 0,1 x 8192 = IDR 819 (rounded)
  • 256 GB storage = 0,5 x 256 = IDR 128

Total = IDR 951 per hour

The price will be multiplied by usage hour for the invoices.

Update a pricing plan

To update a pricing plan, follow these steps:

  1. Find the plan to be updated, then click on the action button, choose View & Update.
  2. Modify something about your pricing plan.
  3. Click on the Update button.

Delete a pricing plan

To delete a plan:

  1. Find the plan you want to delete on the Pricing Plans page, click the action button on the right of plan name, then choose Delete.
  2. Confirm your action.