What is a Volume?

A volume is an additional storage that can store your data apart from the VM’s default storage (boot disk).

How do I attach a volume to a VM?

Additional volumes can be attached on a VM in 2 ways:

  • Simultaneously with the creation of a VM (click Add Volume in the Add Block Storage section)
  • From the Volume page (accessed from the Compute >> Volume menu), click the Create button. Once created, Volumes can be attached to existing VMs.

How much does it cost to create a volume?

The price of a volume depends on its capacity (in GB), you can choose the available capacity and pricing plans according to your needs.

How am I charged for creating Volumes?

The price stated at the Create Volume page is the price for 1 month (until the end of the current month). On the 1st of the following month a fee will be charged again. Your credit of 1 month fee will be immediately held. You will still be charged in full until the end of the month even if you only use it for a few hours or days.