Manage Kubernetes Cluster

Create Kubernetes Cluster

Open the Kubernetes page from the Kubernetes >> Autopilot menu. Click Create button on the top right of the Kubernetes page to open Create Kubernetes page. You can create a cluster in a few steps:

  1. Select Kubernetes distro and version
  2. Select available plan
  3. Set cluster name
  4. Set tags to locate clusters quickly (optional)
  5. Option to enable public endpoints.

Click Create button to start creating a cluster.

The new cluster will be displayed in the list with Starting status. Your cluster is ready to use when the status is changed to Running. You can click on the cluster name to see the details.

Update cluster

To update cluster, perform these actions:

  1. Go to Kubernetes page by clicking Kubernetes >> Autopilot menu
  2. Go to details page by clicking cluster name
  3. Update data (for example, upgrade the cluster version)
  4. Click Update button