Manage Volume Pricing Plans

This document describes how to manage volume pricing plans in Awanio Dashboard.

Pricing Plans page

The volume plan list page displays the volume pricing package data that has been created.

By default, Awanio already provides price data. There are 2 types of prices, normal prices (HDD or SSD categories) and custom prices. Custom pricing is used for VM snapshots. If a user creates a snapshot of a VM, this custom price will be charged per MB of snapshot size per month. Custom prices are only permitted for one piece.

Apart from viewing the list, users can also:

  • Search for pricing data using name. Enter the pricing name in the search box, then press ENTER.
  • Create price package data.
  • View and change pricing plan details.
  • Remove pricing plans.

Create a pricing plan

To create new price package data, click the Create button at the top right of the volume list page then the Create Volume page will appear.

Fill in the following data:

  • Plan Name: price plan name
  • Plan Category: volume category, HDD, SSD or custom. Because custom prices already exist, there are only HDD and SSD options.
  • Storage: storage media capacity in GB
  • Price per Month: price per month
  • Price per Hour: price per hour

Update a pricing plan

In the volume action options, select Update.

All fields are mandatory (required to be filled in). For Storage and price it cannot be 0. If it has been filled in, click the Create button.

On this page, users can see Volume Pricing details. There are 2 types of input:

  • HDD or SSD category, the fields that appear are name, category, storage capacity in GB, as well as price per month and per hour.

  • Custom category, the fields that appear are name, category, price per MB per month

If there are changes to the data, click the Update button to save.

Delete a pricing plan

To delete a plan:

  1. Find the plan you want to delete on the Pricing Plans page, click the action button on the right of plan name, then choose Delete.
  2. Confirm your action.