Deleting a VM

This document describes how to delete virtual machine (VM) instances.

If you no longer need a VM, delete it to stop incurring charges for the VM and its attached resources.

After you delete a VM, Awanio no longer bills you for the VM and its attached resources unless you preserve any resources that were attached to the VM, you continue incurring charges for those resources until you delete them. For example, if you delete a VM but preserve the external volume attached to it, you continue incurring charges for the volume.

To delete a VM on the Platform, follow these steps:

  1. Go to VM list by clicking on the Compute >> VMs menu
  2. Click on the action menu of the VM you want to delete, then choose Delete
  3. Or you can go to the VM details by clicking on the VM name, then click the trash icon
  4. Confirm your action by entering VM name and click the Delete button