About Awanio


Awanio is a cutting-edge Cloud Enabler Platform (CEP) designed to empower organizations with a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services. It provides robust and scalable software that includes Compute, Kubernetes, Bare Metal provisioning, Object Storage, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Billing Management capabilities and more. Awanio is your trusted companion in building, managing, and optimizing your cloud-based solutions. The Awanio engine is designed as complete orchestration software that can be implemented across multi-environment to enhance the cloud experience from developer to the end customer. The software provides an end-to-end comprehensive platform that is also equipped with a wide range of products. Awanio is a crafted software to orchestrate IT Infrastructure, that enables:

  • Self-service interfaces
  • Resource provisioning
  • Enable metering and billing
  • Provide workload optimization


Awanio enables end-to-end solutions for customers with built-in CEP optimization. Customers can enjoy one-stop solution services according to the company’s needs, including Private Cloud Solutions, Public Cloud Solutions, and HCI Solutions.

Private Cloud Solutions

A cloud computing platform deployed on a private LAN or WAN network that can be accessed only by members who have access to it.

Public Cloud Solutions

A cloud solution platform where the resources of cloud computing are owned and operated by provider and shared for several customers via the Internet.

Hyperconverged Cloud Platform

A bundled solution of Awanio software and hardware that can be hosted on-premise at customer’s Data Center.