Manage Kubernetes Pricing Plans

Like the compute service, each Kubernetes cluster usage will be counted hourly. Price settings are available in regular plan for creating clusters and custom plan for resizing.

Pricing Plans Page

You can perform these actions on the Kubernetes - Pricing Plans page:

  • View all of pricing plans for Kubernetes service
  • Search pricing plan by name
  • Create new pricing plan
  • View & Update pricing plan
  • Delete pricing plan


Create a pricing plan

To create a pricing plan, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create button on the top right of the Kubernetes - Pricing page
  2. In the create pricing page, you can set plan name, category (k3s or k8s), specification and price.
  3. Click on Create button in the dialog.


Update a pricing plan

To update a pricing plan, follow these steps:

  1. Find the plan to be updated, then click on the action button, choose View & Update.
  2. Modify something about your pricing plan.
  3. Click on Update button.

Display for regular plan and custom plan is different.

Fixed Pricing (k3s or k8s)

Set the cluster specs (milliCPU processor, RAM in MB, Persistent Volume (PV) in GB and Ephemeral Volume in GB). Enter the price per hour and estimated price per month.

Custom Pricing

Set the price per specification. For example:

  • Price per milliCPU for processor = IDR 0,7.
  • Price per MB for RAM = IDR 0,045.
  • Price per GB for PV = IDR 0,5.
  • Price per GB for ephemeral volume = IDR 20.

The price for custom specification will be:

  • 400 milliCPU = 0,7 x 400 = IDR 280
  • 2 GB RAM = 0,045 x 2048 = IDR 92,16 (rounded)
  • 80 GB PV = 0,5 x 80 = IDR 40
  • 0,5 GB Eph Volume = 20 * 0,5 = IDR 10

Total = IDR 422,16 per hour.

The price will be multiplied by usage hour for the invoices.

Delete a pricing plan

To delete a plan:

  1. Find the plan you want to delete on the Pricing Plans page, click the action button on the right of plan name, then choose Delete.
  2. Confirm your action.