Manage Object Storage

This document explains how to manage object storage on the Awanio Platform.

Enable Object Storage

One project in Awanio can have one object storage. If you have never enabled it, do the following:

  • Click the Object Storage menu
  • Click the Enable button
  • Enter Domain Unique Name: a unique name for the domain that will be the data storage URL
  • Enter the name of the bucket where to store the object
  • Click the Save button

The system will create 1 access key and bucket for your Object Storage.

Object Storage page

On the Object Storage page, you can perform actions including:

1. Access Key (Access key to object storage)

  • Create Access Key

You can create a new access key by clicking the blue + button, then enter the key name and click Create. A new secret key will be generated by the system.

  • Delete access key

Click the delete icon (red trash can) to delete the access key, then confirm the deletion action.

  • Copy secret key

To copy the secret key, click on the copy icon in the textbox in the Key column.

  • View secret key

To see/display the hidden secret key, click the view icon (eye mark) in the textbox in the Key column.

2. Buckets

  • Create a new bucket

To add a bucket (create a new folder), click the** + button. **Then you will be asked to input a new bucket name.

  • View bucket details

To view bucket details, click on the bucket name.

  • Changing bucket policy

You can change the bucket policy by clicking on the bucket action option (three dots) then selecting Edit. There are 2 policies. namely Public and Private. If there are changes to the data policy, the Save button will be active. Click the Save button to save.

  • Delete bucket

Buckets can be deleted by selecting Delete in the bucket action options. You will be asked to confirm data deletion by inputting the bucket name.

  • Disable Object Storage

If it is no longer used, you can disable object storage by clicking the DISABLE button.

Bucket Details

The bucket details page contains a list of documents contained in the bucket.

On this page you can upload objects (documents), search for documents by name, share document links, download documents and delete them.

Uploading Objects

To upload an object, click the upload button then a dialog will appear to select the document to be uploaded.

  1. If you want to upload documents in a folder at a different level, you can write the folder name accompanied by the character / (slash) in the Folder Path textbox.
  2. Click the plus sign icon to select a document.
  3. Click the Save button to save.

After saving, a folder will appear according to the name entered. Documents will be in it.

Sharing Objects

Click the document action option, then select Share.

  • Fill in the length of time to share the link. Links can be shared within a time that can be set in hours, minutes and seconds. The maximum time allowed is 7 days or 168 hours.
  • Select Share in the document action menu. Then a dialog will appear to enter the validity period of the link to be shared.
  • Click Generate Link to create a link.

Downloading Objects

Click the document action option, then select Download to download the document.

Deleting Objects

Click the document action option, then select Remove to delete it. Document deletion requires your confirmation.

For documents that are in a folder, not directly in a bucket, if the document is deleted and the folder is empty, the folder will automatically be deleted by the system.