Manage Compute Catalogues

Manage the operating systems (Distribution or Marketplace OS) available for deployment to virtual machines in the Compute - Catalogues feature.


On the Compute - Catalogues page, you can:

  • View OS catalogues that are ready to be deployed to VMs
  • Search catalogues by name
  • Create new catalogues
  • View & Update catalogues
  • Delete catalogues

Create a catalogue

Bring your own cloud-ready images to be deployed to virtual machines. You must ensure that the image (downloaded or generated) answers correctly to the definition of technical expectations of a cloud-ready image.

Follow these steps to create a catalogue:

  1. Click on Create button on the top right of the Catalogue page
  2. In the Create Catalogue page, at a minimum, you can set:
    • Catalogue name
    • Group
    • Type (operating system or marketplace)
    • Authentication Type (SSH, password, password-username or static password)
    • Visibility (public or private). Default value is set as private, so that admin can test the catalogue before publishing it to users.
    • Upload image file (supported format: img, raw, qcow2).
  3. Click on Create button in the dialog.

Edit a catalogue

To edit a catalogue, follow these steps:

  1. Find the catalogue to be edited, then click on the action button, and choose View & Update.
  2. Modify something about your catalogue.
  3. Click on Update button.

Delete a catalogue

To delete a catalogue:

  1. Find the catalogue you want to delete on the Catalogue page, click the action button on the right of the row, then choose Delete.
  2. Confirm your action.