Manage Projects

Project List

On the Projects page, users can:

  • View a list of projects in the selected organization in the sidebar. To view projects in other organizations, select the organization in the sidebar and then open the Projects page.
  • Search projects by name.
  • Filter project data by organization.
  • Create a new project. There is a project creation quota in an organization. To increase the quota, administrators can do it from the Dashboard.
  • Update and delete projects if user is set as project admin

Add Project

Users who can create projects are users with the Admin role in the organization selected in the sidebar. If you have the Member role in the organization, you cannot create, change or delete project data.

To create a project, click the Create button at the top right of the page and the Create Project page will appear. If you don’t have any projects, there is a Create button on the page that leads to the same Create Project page.

When creating a project, you can

  • Add project photos (optional)
  • Give the project a name (mandatory, if not filled in, a required field message will appear). Project names within an organization must be unique, none of them can be the same.
  • Add members. Click Add Member, then a text box will appear to input your name. Type your name/username, then click on the data that appears. Users who can be added as members in this project are users who are in the parent organization (selected in the sidebar menu).
  • Click Create to save new project data

View Project Details

Click the settings icon on the project data then select View & Update to view project details.

Change Project Data

To change project data, from the project details, click the settings icon then click Update. Change the project name and/or photo, then click Update to save the changes.

You cannot rename a project with the same name as another project within the same organization. If done, an error message will appear that the project already exists.

Change Member Data

For members, you can add members, change IAM and remove them from the project. The steps taken are the same as changing member data in the organization.

  • Add members, by clicking the + button. Enter the name of the user who will be added as a member (must be a user who is already a member of the parent organization), as well as set the role and IAM.
  • Change IAM, by clicking the pencil button. For existing users, IAM can be adjusted again if needed. But you can’t change IAM data against yourself.
  • Delete members, by clicking the button with the trash can image. You must confirm member deletion.