Manage Volumes

This document will explain the use of volume on the Awanio platform.

List Volumes

On the Volumes page (menu Compute >> Volumes) you can see a list of volumes created, whether they are boot type, external (additional storage for the VM) or boot-snapshot.

On the Volumes page you can:

  • View all volume disk data and show the VM the volume is attached to (if it is not attached to any VM, it will be empty).
  • Create a new volume
  • Search for volume data by name
  • Change volume name
  • Attach/detach volumes to/from VM instances
  • Delete volume data. However a volume cannot be deleted if it is attached to a VM.

There are three types of volume:

  • Boot, the default storage attached to the VM
  • External, additional storage, created manually in the Volumes page or added during VM creation.
  • Boot-snapshot, backup storage that has been restored

Create volume

On the Create Volume page:

  1. Click the Create button to start creating the volume.
  2. On the Create Volume page, fill in the label/name for the volume to be created, and select a price package based on the available options
  3. Click the Create button to save the volume data.

The data created will appear in the volume list with type external.

Change volume name

To change the volume name, click Rename in the Action option to the right of the data. Change the volume name to your liking, then click Submit to save.

Attach/detach volumes to/from VM instances

External volumes can be attached to the VM by selecting Attach compute in the action options to the right of the data. A pop up will appear to select which VM to mount the volume to. 1 Volume can only be attached to 1 VM.

If an external volume is being mounted to a VM, the volume can be unmounted. Select Detach from Compute from the action options on the volume you want to unmount, then confirm your action.

Increase Volume Size

Increasing storage capacity can only be done for external types, by:

  • Select Increase Size in the external volume data action options.
  • You will be asked to select a new pricing plan with the same or greater capacity.
  • Click Upsize

Delete Volumes

To delete volume data, click the action to the right of the data, then select Remove. Confirm the delete action by inputting the volume name.

The only volumes that can be deleted are those that are not attached to the VM. Boot type volumes that are generated along with VM creation cannot be deleted from the Volumes page, they can only be deleted automatically if the VM is deleted.