Network Service


Reserve an IP address

The reserved IP address is a public IP address that you want to assign to a bare metal, virtual machine, or Kubernetes service. The specified IP address must not be in use by an existing instance.

You can reserve an IP address from the available networks in an organization. System will pick an address from the available IP address in the network, then later you can attach it to existing instance.

Some features in reserving an IP address:

  • Choice of resource types where the IP address will be attached, and the region option will adjust to the availability for its implementation.
  • If the network supports dual stack, then IP type options are also available.



A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private network interface used for VM deployed in Awanio. Any instances created within a VPC can communicate securely over their private IP addresses.

The network size available for selected is 20 and 24.


Create a VPC from the VPC menu then click the Create button. Then you can add the VPC to VM when creating it.