Account Service


User Account Registration

Account Registration means the process of completing and submitting a registration form to open an account, which includes providing all necessary information, agreeing to the terms of service and policy, and otherwise complying with Awanio’s registration process.

Account registration flow is as follows:

User fill registration form and submitAn inactive account is createdInput verification code sent to email to activate accountUser can login and use Awanio CMP

Fields that need to be filled for account registration are:

  • Full name

    Enter a real full name.

  • Email address

    We recommend entering a valid email address since we will send a message with a verification code to activate the account after submitting the registration form. Some notifications related to activities in the application will also be sent to the registered email address.

  • Username

    The username is a unique name for the account that you need to enter each time you log in. Minimum 6 characters.

  • Password

    Password is the primary means of protecting the account. The password should meet these main requirements:

    • Minimum 8 characters
    • Combination of an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character like ($, @, !, %, *, #), etc.
  • Confirm password

    To check that the password entered is the same as this confirm password field.

In the registration form, there is also a statement to agree to the Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy so that users may access and use the service as long as they comply with the agreement and applicable law.


You may provide the page of the Terms of Service and Awanio will link it to the page.

Single Sign On (SSO) using WHMCS

We provide SSO integrated into your system using WHMCS, so that existing users in your system don’t have to re-register. Users are redirected to your login area using a single-use access token.

There are two endpoints for WHMCS integration:

  • Endpoint to get the credential for WHMCS integration GET /integration/WHMCS. It will return these properties:

    • state: Single-use access token generated in Awanio Server.
    • whmcs_client_id: client ID for integration.
    • whmcs_url: URL of your website, it will be followed by the path to verify the login session.
    • whmcs_client_callback: URL for a callback after checking the login session.

    Properties of whmcs_client_id, whmcs_url and whmcs_client_callback are configurable in the Configuration menu, on the Integration tab.

  • Endpoint used for logging in using 2 properties: code and state, POST /integration/WHMCS. The code property is generated by your server for user info inquiries.


We may also provide an account registration link from the Awanio login page to the Registration page on your website. After the registration process is complete on your website, you can return to the Awanio login page and then log in via SSO.

Forgot password

If you forget your password, proceed to “Forgot Password” link on the login page then enter your registered email address. A message with verification code will be sent to the email address linked to your account. Input the verification code to set a new password on the next page.