Volume Service


In the Awanio volume service, you can set a price plan as well as view data for the storage media used in the Compute service. This pricing plan will appear when a user creates a VM with additional storage.


Volume Pricing management is used for VM additional storage. Default storage pricing that is attached to VM or bare metal is configured in Compute Pricing and Bare Metal Pricing, along with other specifications (Processor core/vCPU and RAM capacity).

Manage Volume - Pricing

In Volume - Pricing page you can:

  • View all of volume pricing plans
  • Search pricing plans by name
  • Create new pricing plans
  • View & Update pricing plans
  • Delete pricing plans

Volume pricing plans data you can manage such as:

  • Category:
    • SSD
    • HDD
  • Storage Capacity: in GB
  • Pricing can be set per:
  • Hour
  • Month


You can see list of volumes created by customers, whether it is boot type or external type (additional storage for VM) filtered by Organization or Project.

Manage Volume - Disk

In Volume - Disk page you can:

  • View all volume disk data, both boot and external volumes, and display the VM where the volume is attached (if not attached to any VM, it will be empty).
  • Search volume data by name
  • View volume details & update volume name
  • Delete volume data. Volumes cannot be deleted if they are attached to a VM.